Beach Fishing for Tope at Anderby Creek, Lincolnshire

Tope fishing on shallow water

It is a well known fact that during summertime Tope move from the deeper waters offshore into inland waterways such as the river Humber and beaches around the UK. The Sharks seek warmer shallow waters to carry out mating rituals and to either lay eggs or give live birth. It is very important if you are interested  in landing these hard fighting fish from the bank. There is no other type of fishing (that I know of) where the angler has an exceptional chance of hooking on to a 50lb plus fish while fishing from the shore. I was introduced to shark fishing a few years ago from an old man on the beach at Anderby Creek in Lincolnshire, who really knew how to catch a big fish. Shark fishing equipment needed First of all you need a powerful reel for shark fishing: a good multiplyer You also need some very strong line: a god few hundred yards of braided 80lb test and of course a rod to put it all on. Shark fishing From the Beach Ever since I meet that old man on the beach at Anderby Creek, I have had the addiction of beach Tope Fishing since. I have been shark fishing on beaches up and down the Lincolnshire coast combing the beaches for just the right sandbar, just the right current and tide. If you ever get chance rent a kayak at Rock beach in Cornwall. At high tide in summer I have caught Tope at the north of the doom bar. Tope Shark fishing bait The most successful baits are Sandeels and Mackerels but I have had some success using lures while out on the kayak when the tope have been spotted near the north side of the river camel doom bar. Shark fishing addiction Shark fishing from beach or pier can sometimes bring in tope over 4 feet long. If you try shark beach fishing once with a friend, you might get addicted, and rush out to purchase your own equipment. I think that Shark fishing is something the whole family can truly enjoy. It’s not just about catching a shark. It’s about good friends, family and beautiful beaches, having a picnic etc. If you have doubts about starting to try out shark fishing or not – don’t be afraid. Try it out and you will very soon know why I love it so.

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